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Ethio Nova Trading not only exports coffee but also engages in the import and export of various products. The company's mission goes beyond coffee, aiming to serve as a bridge for diverse national and international products between Ethiopia and the rest of the world.

Ethio Nova Trading takes pride in its role as a facilitator, connecting Ethiopian goods to global markets and vice versa. With a strong focus on import and export operations, the company actively seeks opportunities to showcase and promote a wide range of products from Ethiopia to international buyers. Additionally, Ethio Nova Trading works diligently to identify and source high-quality products from around the world, bringing them into the Ethiopian market.

By embracing this multi-faceted approach, Ethio Nova Trading aims to foster international trade partnerships, promote economic growth, and facilitate cultural exchange. The company's dedication to being a gateway for various products underscores its commitment to driving global commerce and enhancing Ethiopia's presence in the international market.

The company's founders:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Tigist Kinfu Abebe

Financial, Import & Export Consultant (FIEC): Bizuayehu Fassil Yetebarek

Export Manager: Casone Davide

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